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There are various situations in which you want to shower with your hands, be it small size of the bathroom or shower is required in the country, etc. Now I'll tell you how to shower with their hands, namely, what are the materials needed for this.

The first thing we'll need a shower pan. Shower trays are made of different materials, but for the most common quality-price ratio is acrylic and metal. For the manufacture of shower trays are used the same materials as for the manufacture of baths.

Next, we need the fence. Fences are different, the budget option is the curtain that hung on the horizontal bar above the shower tray. More beautiful and prestigious look to a ... Read more »
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How do I install a sink? Shell is quite possible to establish their own, without the need for plumbers. We must start by measuring the distance from floor to valves, water supply. Typically, this distance is approximately 80 cm Installation takes place in several stages:

1.Perekroyte hot and cold water.
2.Otmette point of reference for mounting screws, attach the sink to the wall.
3.c Drill holes at the marked locations and insert the dowels.
4.Ustanovite sink and tighten the nut.
5.Prisoedinite siphon mixer.

How do I install a sink-tulip? Sink-tulip is set in the same manner as a conventional sink. The only difference - the presence of " ... Read more »
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How to choose the right toilet for your bathroom, so it please you with his presence for a long time, you'll learn in this article. Standard floor toilets will not be considered because they are long since sunk into oblivion, we consider only the main characteristics of toilets, which will help you when choosing.

Hanging bowls

In recent years the popularity of hanging toilet is growing. They are placed in apartments, as well as in non-residential buildings: office buildings, restrooms, entertainment.

Despite the small size and fragility of the external design, hanging toilet withstand considerable strain due to the respective installation. Even the big ... Read more »
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In order to install the toilet yourself, you must have on hand a set of tools: wrench or keys of various sizes, drill, pencil and tape measure. Installing a new toilet begins to dismantle the old one.

Dismantling the toilet:

- Turn off the water in the tank.
- Release the remaining water from the tank.
- Disconnect the pipe from a flexible liner tank.
- Loosen the screws by which the toilet seat bolted to the floor.
- Remove the bowl from the premises.

How do I connect a new toilet? This process takes place in several stages:

- Select a place where it will install a new toilet.
- If you want to help make t ... Read more »
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The choice of heating boiler - a very important process. After heating boiler is an essential element of self heating.
According to the method and the principle of heating the coolant can be divided heating boilers in several types, each of which has certain advantages and disadvantages:

- Gas
- Electrical
- Fuel oil
- Solid
- Boilers mixed

How to choose a boiler for heating a country house? Choosing a heating boiler, you should remember what area of ​​your home. If the floor area does not exceed 100 meters, it is recommended to use an electric boiler. Boiler with electric heating is safe to use, works quietly and does not require ... Read more »
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At the present time is difficult to imagine an apartment or cottage without the appropriate utilities. One of the major engineering systems, without which a normal human activity in a residential area, a sewage system. It should be noted that we are talking primarily about the rules of hygiene, and only then - about comfort.
Sewer system can be divided into two parts: internal and external. Internal sewage collects sewage in the room and their withdrawal from the premises. Outside the output to drain waste water outside the building objects and their collection in the central reservoirs. Outside sewer is laid mainly underground with the help of special equipment, and domestic sewage c ... Read more »
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This article presented a brief and clear instructions with photos for welding polypropylene tubes. Follow the step by step photo instructions, and welding of polypropylene pipes with his hands will be not so difficult as it seems.

1. Buy a soldering iron. Approach even the cheapest Turkish pattern.
2. Pipe cutters to cut very convenient.
3. Heat the soldering iron to 270 °, place the ends of the parts into the holes. Exposure time - 5 sec. Fitting since the full (for dvuhsantimetrovyh pipes).
4. Remove the fitting and pipe with a soldering iron and insert one into another. After another 5 seconds. You can let go.

5. After 2 minutes, it becomes a ... Read more »
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To install the radiator properly require the knowledge of technology installation for them today we'll talk. To install the radiator should have on hand a certain set of tools:

• Pencil
• Roulette
• Level
• Drill with a special drill for dowel
• The key to tighten the taps
• The key is to build the mounting kit

How to install radiator? It's easy to do, follow the instructions:

1. Dismantle the old radiator with mounts.
2. Mark and install the wall mount.
3. Hang the radiator.
4. Assemble the mounting kit, gaskets, stoppers, tap Majewski.
5. Vmontiruyte valve and the valve under the thermal h ... Read more »
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In terms of quality metal and plastic pipes are not inferior to either plastic or metal pipes, and with the installation of water pipes will manage even such a schoolboy.
This paper presents an instruction according to which the master even the inexperienced can figure out how to install metal and plastic pipes. This is not a pre-insulated pipes nny mount.

So, for the work will need:

1. Own tube. Metal pipes are sold in bundles, their appearance, they resemble the hose for watering. Online you can see the pipes of different diameters: 16mm, 20mm, 26mm, 32mm, 40mm. If you mount the plumbing in an apartment, you are likely to fit the pipe diameter 20mm or 16mm. ... Read more »
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Reflecting on the question of how to use pipes for heating, do not forget that the pipes are "blood vessels" heating system. On the choice and installation of pipes should be approached with the necessary responsibility.
Range of pipes, represented by numerous manufacturers, is huge. The most common are the following options:

• Copper
• Polymer (plastic, metal, aluminum reinforced polypropylene)

Copper pipes

By most accounts, the copper pipe is the leader in durability and suitability for repair and reliability of connections. In addition, the copper pipe has a very low internal resistance. If we compare with a steel pipe, copper pipe resi ... Read more »
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Shower stalls and bathtubs as well as, after their use need to be careful cleaning and care. But nowadays many cleansers, detergents are made with the addition of chemicals and abrasive substances that are not favorably influence the surface materials (eg acrylic, plastic, chrome surface, etc.) used in the manufacture of sanitary ware.

If your shower is made up of acrylic and chrome, it is necessary to approach the selection of detergent with special vigilance. Acrylic does not tolerate aggressive detergents and enters them into a chemical reaction that is not beneficial to the surface. Also, when cleaning the acrylic and chrome surface to avoid powder detergents - made on the b ... Read more »
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Set a cast-iron bathtub with his hands without the help of external forces is quite easy, unless of course you have a helper. Since it alone is very difficult to establish. To learn how to install a cast iron bath, I'll tell you in this article. I have to say that the process of installation of the bathtub is very light, so the article will be short.

Preparing for Installation

At this stage we need to have all the necessary tools and materials. We need a new drain / overflow, plumbing sealant, straight screwdriver (just in case and Phillips), a pipe wrench. Also, if necessary, sold downspouts. If you purchased a drain pipe, then before you start to drag a bath in th ... Read more »
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By changing the old pipes in the flat water on the new, many people wonder: what is best for water pipes. In this article we shall understand this and every one of you will choose the most suitable option for the pipe itself. Currently the most popular tubes are polypropylene, plastic, brass, steel, talk about them.

Steel pipes for water supply

Steel pipes for water supply flat little use, since this material has exhausted its resources and obsolete. Nowadays, pipes are made more practical material than steel (of which will be discussed below).

Steel pipes have a relatively low price. If you decide to save, the steel pipe is not the best option as they ... Read more »
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Private sewage or country house should run smoothly to ensure the comfort in the removal and recycling of household waste is not worse than in apartment buildings. That is why now many owners of these houses are choosing the best treatment plant of the options - the deep biological treatment plant. This structure provides a high degree of processing waste is not hazardous to the environment, it is convenient to use. Below we consider the particular construction of sewerage system in a private home with the station as a bioremediation treatment facility.

Erection of a better place to start when the house is not built. Then you can lay in place the project under the wastewater tre ... Read more »
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Install whirlpool bath involves intervention specialist, as an independent installation and commissioning of the device may lead to unwanted and unnecessary expense. In the model homes, as a rule, repair work to replace the plumbing are not held frequently, so before installing the tub with hydromassage better to upgrade water and sewer pipes.

Prepare a place in the spa

You start with a waterproof floor, you'll need to match the dimensions of existing bathroom and space for its correct installation. It is worth paying attention to the plumbing pipes so that hot and cold water does not rest against the bathroom - namely, in the ribs, units, vertical racks. Remember, ... Read more »
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