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Choose a wallpaper for the walls
To date, wallpaper is one of the most used finishing materials that can give a room freshness, warmth and comfort. Do not be afraid of what you have selected wallpaper can be used many - it is a rarity. The fact is that today there is a wide range of wallpapers that are not only drawing, but also the individual properties. When choosing wallpaper for the walls, should be considered for what it is the room they are intended.

As for the colors, remember that the wallpaper in the home environment will be completely different than the color of the store. In order not to be mistaken with the color scheme, you should take a small piece of wallpaper, and came home to make it to the wall. See how comfortable you feel, how long can you sustain the tone of the walls, as combined in a room, the interior with a new coating on the wall.

Paper wallpaper

To this type belong the most simple wallpaper. Please note that these wallpapers quickly lose their looks, because it is easily exposed to moisture and mechanical damage. Along with the many disadvantages of paper and wallpaper have a number of advantages, which include: the wall under the wallpaper such breathes, besides they are an excellent additional tool to improve the insulation of the walls. Note that the wallpaper has a wide range of colors, different textures of execution, which helps to respond to requests with different levels of requirements.

Vinyl wallpaper

Composition of the wallpaper: the base paper and a layer of polyvinyl chloride. Choose a wallpaper for the walls on factors such as quality, damage resistance, the ability to withstand high humidity and, of course, longevity of use. It should be noted that one of the most popular types of vinyl wallcoverings are the silkscreen printing wallpaper.

This species differs from classic vinyl wallpaper presence of silk in a vinyl layer. The main advantages of the vinyl wallpaper is their increased resistance to moisture, they can be washed with a damp sponge. Of course, texture, and a wide range of colors only adds the popularity of vinyl wallpaper, so that they are far ahead of paper-based wallpaper.

In parallel with a number of advantages vinyl wallpaper have also disadvantages: the elasticity and airtightness. The fact is that under these wallpapers can be formed fungi and mold, as between the surface and wallpaper airbag is formed, which may appear fungus and mold. The high degree of flexibility can lead to the fact that when moisture on the wallpaper, they stretch, and when they dry - compress.


Due to the fact that such use wallpaper in rooms with little furniture furnishings, furniture as will obstruct part of the picture, they are less used today. The only room where the wallpapers will find its application in aesthetic terms, is a children's room. Tip: choosing a wallpaper for the walls, consider how well they are able to approach it is this premise.

Fabric Backgrounds

In the production of this type of wallpaper base paper glued on fabric fibers, which may be linen, silk, felt, cotton, carpet mats. Of course, fabric wallpaper, with regard to aesthetics, far superior to their paper counterparts, especially with velvet wallpaper surface - they look rich, exclusive and luxurious. This type of wallpaper is well suited for repair or repair of the hall bedroom.

In addition to the base paper, in the manufacture of fabric wallpaper using foam, which greatly enhances the thermal insulation and soundproofing qualities. Note that this type of wallpaper produced only on request.


This species belongs to the most expensive type of wallpaper. Base paper is impregnated with vinyl chloride, a mixture of mastic lonoksinovoy, having in its composition in the form of wood filler powder. After that, the resulting surface beat out various patterns and figures, and cover with oil paints. Thanks to these protective properties of the wallpaper does not just cope with high humidity, but can last for a long enough period of time - at least ten years.

Carpet Wallpaper

When choosing wallpaper for the walls, throw away the stereotype that the carpet on the wall is no longer fashionable. It is not only fashionable, but also aesthetically pleasing, beautiful and functional. These wallpapers are made from synthetic fibers, it reduces fire hazardous factor, which is not the kind of carpet.

Metal Wallpaper

Desktop operates by connecting the base paper and foil. The surface of these wallpapers can be performed under gold, silver, bronze or other non-ferrous metals. Drawing on a foil embossing is applied. Note that the foil is an excellent conductor of electricity, so check how well insulated wiring in the apartment.

Fiberglass wallpaper

Fiberglass wallpaper is made of fabric with the addition of glass fibers. This type of wallpaper is highly durable, resistant to fire, hygiene, can withstand chemical treatment, protection against occurrences of fungi and microorganisms. These features give the wallpaper a substance on which they are made: soda, dolomite, quartz sand, lime. Often, the main area of ​​application of such wallpapers are the medical facilities.

Liquid wallpaper

The structure of liquid wallpaper includes a dye, binder and base fibers fillers - cellulose, silk, cotton. Liquid wallpaper are able to visually correct minor flaws surface, and they go on sale in the form of powder, which was diluted with water-based paint. They should be applied with a roller.

When choosing wallpaper, wall, check the evenness of the prepared wall, consider the interior space and then your efforts have much influence the award as a commendation from relatives and friends.

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