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How to care for the bathroom
Often we neglect to wash the bath with detergent after use, but in vain. Proper use and care of the bath will keep for a long time the original luster of the surface.
The use of baths for other purposes (soaking and washing clothes, washing dogs, etc.) in our country for granted, and the quality of water in some regions are not the best. These and other factors over time have a negative impact on the surface of the bath.

How to care for cast iron bathtub

After each use of the bath, especially not on purpose, carefully wash it with soap or other cleaners, detergent and rinse well. With time running out and the enamel appears at the bottom roughness, a deposition of mineral salts contained in water. They should not be scraped or rubbed away to try. Try to get rid of them by putting in place roughness rag soaked in vinegar for 30 minutes, at the expiration of the time remove the cloth and wash the place with water (a procedure can be repeated several times).

If you want to install bath basin at the bottom, under it condones something soft. If the enamel bath heavily depleted, it can restore method: painting bathtubs or acrylic liner installed.

How to care for acrylic bathtub

For permanent care acrylic bath Take a soft cloth or sponge. For cleaning, use neutral cleaning agents, both conventional and specially designed for acrylic. Today they are produced in huge quantities and sold in all stores where there is plumbing.

Do not clean acrylic surface detergents and abrasive cleaners on the basis, in order to avoid loss of color and scratches. Also do not use for cleaning metal and hard brush or clean the surface of "dry". With minor injuries, repair of acrylic baths alone is quite easy, only need to buy a special repair kit.

How to care for a whirlpool bath

Manufacturers do not recommend the patch junction between the tub and walls: tiles, borders, a solution of mortars and the like, in this case a sanitary sealant. You can not include a system for hydromassage bathtub filled with water is not (the water level should be above the nozzle 5 cm). Take a massage procedure to clean water and do not use the system if the water contains soap or mechanical particles, it will prevent internal contamination of nozzles, pump and piping.

Once a year to clean the sediment water stone fill the bathtub with warm water (above the nozzle), the addition of the 1.5-liter citric acid. Turn on the massage for a minute to stir and let stand for 12 hours. Drain and refill the tub again, to wash out the remnants include jetted tubs. Drain and rinse the bath out of the shower.

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