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How to choose a boiler heating
The choice of heating boiler - a very important process. After heating boiler is an essential element of self heating.
According to the method and the principle of heating the coolant can be divided heating boilers in several types, each of which has certain advantages and disadvantages:

- Gas
- Electrical
- Fuel oil
- Solid
- Boilers mixed

How to choose a boiler for heating a country house? Choosing a heating boiler, you should remember what area of ​​your home. If the floor area does not exceed 100 meters, it is recommended to use an electric boiler. Boiler with electric heating is safe to use, works quietly and does not require special care. In addition, due to the small size of the boiler you will not need a separate room to install it.

If the floor area is 100 meters or more, we recommend using Oil or gas boiler heating system. Such boilers are high efficiency, allowing the warm rooms of impressive dimensions. Also pay attention to a sufficiently low cost of fuel - in such boilers are used relatively low-cost gas and diesel fuel.

Solid heating boiler, probably should not be considered seriously, because it requires constant dokladyvaniya fuel.

It should be noted that all described variants of boilers have certain disadvantages. The most suitable choice in this situation may be the boiler of the combined type. When operating a boiler using different fuels, making it almost universal.

Whatever it was, the choice of heating boiler should be carefully considered its decision, taking into account the practical, financial and technical aspects of the question.

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