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How to choose a sink for the kitchen
Many people when choosing a kitchen sink tend to buy them familiar standard options (eg, overhead stainless steel sinks), without examining the other on the market. This article is intended to familiarize with the products and for new ideas. Let's start our acquaintance with sinks, with a little advice before you buy. Choosing a sink for the kitchen, you should consider: the area of ​​the room, type of kitchen furniture, interior room, family composition, as well as your personal taste. A good cleaning should be resistant to aggressive fluids (acids, cleaning agents), temperature effects, scratching and chipping.

Part 1. Types of washing machines and methods of installation

Overhead wash - This type of product is placed on top of countertops and keeps her designs at the expense of their side. Such models are used in kitchen, consisting of separate units (cabinets). The advantage of these sinks is their ease of installation, and the disadvantage is that the joints between the blocks standing on the edges of the shell will hit the water (to help the sealant).

Mortise cleaning - These models are more common in the kitchen sets with a common tabletop, but also cut into the countertop separate units. In the case, as with the patch, the installation does not require much effort, and make a hole to sink the power of Jigsaw.

Integrated sink - There are three options for installing these models - on a par with top, on top of countertops (like a mortise) and under the sink. To install this product should contact a specialist because to install them need special equipment and skills to work with him.

Part 2. Sink Configurations

Bowl - In most cases, used round or rectangular shapes, round more spacious than the square. When you choose should take into account the depth of the sink, so it was placed enough utensils and cleaning spray is not scattered around.

The number of cups you get from one to five, the most popular double and sesquioxides (large and small bowls). Having two bowls is great for washing dishes and foods.

Wing - This is a working surface cleaning is often used as a place for making dishes during washing. In general, a stand for something, you have to close the shell. On the wing are bumps that do not spread the water, often wing is tilted to the side of the bowl.

Part 3. Materials for manufacturing

Stainless steel sinks - most common, practical and reliable option sinks, having value for money. The quality of the product depends on the thickness of steel, the thicker, the better the quality of steel in powers to determine only the expert.

Ceramics - The kitchens are rarely used. Ceramics for the kitchen is one big drawback, they are fragile in the first place, and secondly are heavy and rigid construction - it complicates the installation. Sinks made from this material in kitchens is often used in design purposes.

Composite materials - These products are durable and resistant to scratches, you can save the original form for the duration of the shell. They can put hot dishes, as these materials are absorbent and have different coloring.

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