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How to choose a toilet
How to choose the right toilet for your bathroom, so it please you with his presence for a long time, you'll learn in this article. Standard floor toilets will not be considered because they are long since sunk into oblivion, we consider only the main characteristics of toilets, which will help you when choosing.

Hanging bowls

In recent years the popularity of hanging toilet is growing. They are placed in apartments, as well as in non-residential buildings: office buildings, restrooms, entertainment.

Despite the small size and fragility of the external design, hanging toilet withstand considerable strain due to the respective installation. Even the big boss not to worry - according to the manufacturers, the toilet a stand and four hundred pounds.

System installation

What is the installation of toilet and what can it be? Installation - it's design, which allows to fix the toilet and plug it into the sewer. There are two types of installation: a framework and a block.

Framework installation is an independent system. Its foundation is rigid metal frame, which can be mounted pipes, fittings, etc. The system is fixed at two points on the floor, and two - to the wall. The form of the wall does not matter - burden falls solely on the floor. Hide very easy to install. For this purpose, can be used as a plasterboard wall, and other devices.

Unlike block installation is that it can be fixed only to the bearing wall with the plates and anchor bolts. In addition to fixing the set, block installation includes sewer and water piping.

The form of the cup

Depending on the shape of the bowl, there are three basic types of toilets: kozyrkovye, bucket and funnel. Abroad are widely used funnel bowls, we are more accustomed to kozyrkovye. How to choose a toilet? First of all, it's a matter of taste. Do not forget only that hateful to many "splash effect" depends on the shape of the bowl.

The method of flushing

There are two basic ways to wash: forward and reverse. In the direct flushing water does not change direction, and the reverse its direction is reversed. The chosen method will depend on how flush the water flow and cleanliness of toilets. In the case of reverse flushing water flows through special channels, washing the bowl evenly. In addition, this method of flushing water consumption is significantly reduced.

Useful accessories

Expensive models are equipped with toilets are often many additional functions: water supply to the tank bottom, there are two buttons to flush, the presence of a suitable lowering of the lid, and even heated seats and antibacterial radiation. Of course, these supplements can be useful: when water filled the tank bottom will be virtually silent, middle button models provide a more economical water consumption, the system smoothly lowering the cover will save you from unnecessary noise.

How correctly to choose among a variety of toilet bowl? Before buying a more expensive model with a set of advanced features, it is worth considering how these additions will be useful to you personally - because the price difference can be quite noticeable, but additional functions can be claimed.

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