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How to choose laminate flooring
How to choose a laminate floor - a question that arises from all those who wish to change the old floor covering new. Laminate referred to the board, which includes multiple layers, each of which possesses certain properties. The basis of the board, usually made of a chipboard, HDF, hardboard, and the inner part was treated with melamine, a substance that provides moisture and enhances the performance of the coating. As for the bottom layer of the board, it is treated with waterproofing and stabilizing mixtures, and decorate the top of the laminated layer that provides the aesthetic beauty of sex. By the way, the decorating process transparent board with a mixture that perfectly copes with the protection board from damage: scratches and other mechanical damage.

Classification of laminated boards

After the laminate has been tested due to the presence indicator of formaldehyde, the degree of moisture resistance, resistance to injury - it belongs to a class of 21-23 or 31-35. Laminate, which has the lowest indicators of a higher class, which allows to draw conclusions about its performance.

How to choose a laminate floor - follow our instructions in this article and section - repair of floors in an apartment house, and you can not go wrong when choosing flooring. It is believed that the laminate is used for 21-23 class finishing floors of apartments, houses. Only it should be noted that 21 and 22 classes to include laminate, which is quickly losing its operational ability and aesthetic appearance, it is usually from 2-4 years. As for the class of laminate 23, it will last you from 6-10 years, which puts him in a leading position in comparison with analogues.

To date, the consumer prefers the laminate 31-33 class, which is designed for use in commercial premises (office, room sharing), but it is actively used for interior finishing in the apartments and other facilities for recreation. Laminate 31 and 32 classes will serve you from 10-15 years. Classes 34 and 35 suggest the use of the premises, subject to strong mechanical stresses fitness clubs and shops, establishments such as night (Clubs), terminals. If you use this type of laminate flooring in the home, it will last more than 30 years.

Laminate Specifications

And yet, how to choose laminate flooring? First of all, the choice of laminated boards pay attention to indicators such as durability. To determine the durability for the help Taber test, the essence of which is to process the grinding wheel board: if the board maintains the maximum amount of speed range, it is ranked among the upper class. You decide how much you are willing to overpay for the laminate floor, if you have no need for laying laminate flooring, which has the highest degree of durability.

Laminate flooring can withstand a direct hit of a moisture

More recently, the shops there laminate flooring that can withstand direct contact with water - water resistant laminate. This type of laminate is made under the pressure of high pressure, and the gaps that exist between the layers, process composition, which is not exposed to moisture (wax). Moreover, such a coating applied to plastic base, which serves as a deterrent to swell the board and its deformation. To improve the water resistance of the laminated board recommended her joints glued with waterproof glue mixture effect. Before the advent of waterproof laminate flooring waterproof laminate flooring is often used, which could withstand small increases in moisture indicator.

How to choose laminate flooring? Features of DPL and HPL

DPL laminate type coating is performed under the direct or low pressure - the main components of the boards (decoration, the film and substrate) exposed to the press at the same time - at one stage.

HPL laminate type coating is manufactured under high pressure. It should be noted that the protective layer of the laminate is laminated, impregnated his subjects with special resins, and the top is treated with corundum or aluminum oxide. In addition, using high-pressure connecting base, decorative films and fibers.

Features laminate flooring installation

Laminated boards, mounting method which provides the glue laying, connecting joints by applying a glue board basis. To increase the performance of waterproof floor with glue recommend the use of highly water-resistant. Note that this coverage, though will have a high performance, but it can not be dismantled if the need arises.

Laminated board, connected by a lock slot (lock) is pretty easy to use and can be quickly dismantled. How to choose laminate flooring, so it is easily mounted and dismantled just as easily when required? There are two main types of lock and Lock Click. The main advantage of the lock Lock is that it is more tough to load. Laminate with the castle complex and understands the process of dismantling the locks may be damaged, but the connecting grooves processed waterproof impregnation, which increases the degree of water resistance laminate.

Laminate flooring, fitted with a lock system Click, much easier to use, it is not to slight irregularities prityazatelen the surface to be laid laminated board. It should be noted that this type of lock allows you to disassemble the laminate floor without much effort.

Sound-proof performance laminate

In any case, if you intend to lay the laminate on a bare surface - cement screed, wooden floor - for a walk will be present sound, provoked an empty space between the laminated board and cover. That is why manufacturers of laminate pondered how to avoid such an "effect of emptiness." As a result, much research has been invented by the substrate, which allows you to stay in a room with maximum comfort. It should be noted that the substrate also acts as insulation, additional waterproofing and can correct some irregularities of the original floors.

How to choose laminate flooring, include possible problems with sound waves - we will try to answer this question. The fact that the noise impact on the share, which include noise from construction work, heels, the sound of falling objects on the floor and the air - the sounds of animal origin, the human voice, music. In general, the substrate reduces the sound of impact noise, but to date there are substrates that are able to reduce the number of decibels from air and noise.

The materials from which the substrate is made: polyethylene foam, extruded penopoliestirol, specially coated glass fiber, composite materials, as well as cork, which is combined with rubber or kraft paper impregnated with bitumen.

Note that manufacturers high-end manufacturer of laminated boards provide the substrate on their own, because they believe that materials intended for use in combination with each other would have a greater positive effect.

Combine floor heating and laminate

If you wish to combine floor heating and laminate flooring should not be afraid that by this scheme may suffer your flooring. The fact is that laminate flooring combines perfectly in combination with floor heating. By the way, most manufacturers suggest the use of labeling under the laminate floor heating. In that case, when you put laminate flooring in the form of the upper layer of warm floors, experts recommend an additional set thermostat. How to choose a laminate floor heating? An excellent option in this situation would be a warm floor on the basis of the film, which has a subtle, reliability and ease of installation. As a result, you will receive an ideal warm floors with laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring is suitable for any interior

Typically, the laminate is selected for the overall design of the interior, roughly compare not only the colors in which the walls are painted buildings, but also pay attention to the furniture, woodwork and general stylistic atmosphere of the interior (the interior of apartments and houses).

Decor laminated boards can repeat the structure of wood, to imitate marble, ceramic tile, granite, metal and even sand.

To date, there is no definition of "laminate - a cheap kind of flooring," as the producers of laminated boards are able to offer the most reliable, high, decorated with tasteful laminate. The color scheme of the decor, which is present in laminate flooring allows you to create a unique design that will perfectly blend with the overall picture of the interior. The interior of apartments and houses.

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