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How to install metal and plastic pipes
In terms of quality metal and plastic pipes are not inferior to either plastic or metal pipes, and with the installation of water pipes will manage even such a schoolboy.
This paper presents an instruction according to which the master even the inexperienced can figure out how to install metal and plastic pipes. This is not a pre-insulated pipes nny mount.

So, for the work will need:

1. Own tube. Metal pipes are sold in bundles, their appearance, they resemble the hose for watering. Online you can see the pipes of different diameters: 16mm, 20mm, 26mm, 32mm, 40mm. If you mount the plumbing in an apartment, you are likely to fit the pipe diameter 20mm or 16mm. It should be pre-calculate how many feet you need - just unwind in the shop as much as you ask.

2. Fittings for plastic pipes. By fittings include couplings, tees, connectors and corners. The size of the fittings must conform to the diameter of the selected pipe. If you need to connect the plastic pipes with metal, you can use the appropriate special couplings and elbows. Suppose you have a metal pipe to ¾ and metal pipes with a diameter of 20mm. Giving the seller information about the size of pipes, you will receive adapter with male or female.

3. Caliber. Caliber is needed in case you need to slightly increase the diameter of the pipe. The increase in diameter of the pipe fitting will allow the cone to freely enter the pipe laying is not will be under intense pressure. If you do not calibrate the tube, there is a danger of break pads for fitting, which will eventually lead to unnecessary financial costs. What is the caliber, you can see in the picture below.

4. Special scissors or hacksaw. With these devices can cut the required length of pipe.

5. Keys of different sizes. They should be selected according to your needs.

The following is an illustrative example which will help you understand how to install metal and plastic pipes.

Thus, there are: length composition pipe diameter 16 mm, coupling with female thread. This coupling is necessary in order to connect with each other and the metal-metal half-inch pipe.

The first step is to put an end to the composition pipe and crimp nut washer.

Then you need to slightly increase the diameter of the pipe with fire. To do this, twist his uniform circular motion in the lumen of the tube.

In raskalibrovannuyu pipe fitting insert the cone.

You then need to tighten the nut so that the washer compresses the tube.

Following these instructions can be no extra difficulties to collect water. Suffice it to cut the required pipe sizes and to select appropriate fittings.

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