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How to install radiator
To install the radiator properly require the knowledge of technology installation for them today we'll talk. To install the radiator should have on hand a certain set of tools:

• Pencil
• Roulette
• Level
• Drill with a special drill for dowel
• The key to tighten the taps
• The key is to build the mounting kit

How to install radiator? It's easy to do, follow the instructions:

1. Dismantle the old radiator with mounts.
2. Mark and install the wall mount.
3. Hang the radiator.
4. Assemble the mounting kit, gaskets, stoppers, tap Majewski.
5. Vmontiruyte valve and the valve under the thermal head.
6. Lay the heating pipes to the radiator from the riser.

Consider each item in detail instructions.

Radiator mounted on painted or plastered surfaces. First of all, it is necessary to dismantle the old radiator with mounts - they are usually unsuitable for further use. Then you need to remove the old section of the pipeline. This is followed by level, tape and a pencil mark the mounting location of the new radiator. It is necessary to consider the following recommendations: the distance from the floor to the radiator must be equal to 10-12 centimeters, the distance from the wall to the radiator - 2-5 inches, the distance from the sill to the radiator - about 10 inches. Then you can hang on the radiator mount. It should be noted that the installation package with the device is not removed. At appropriate places are made cuts with a knife. Fully wrapping is removed only after completion of finishing works. Assembly mounting kit shall be based on the connections, radiator.

Transition joints must be installed on the inlet and outlet for venting at the top of the radiator is set free faucet Majewski transition coupling, the remaining space is covered with a plug. Then a thermal head mounted faucet and valve. The valve must be located on the pitch, and tap - in the return pipe. For sealing is recommended to use thread sealants or linen with a sealant (eg, unipac). After that, the installation of a new pipeline.

If the room has two or more radiators, fittings must mark with gidrourovnya. Upon completion of installation of heating appliances and pipelines can start pressing the heating system. When filling the coolant from the heating radiator is evacuated of air. For this purpose, valves Majewski. After the end of the test papers can sign the act of surrender.

How to install radiator to avoid future problems? Enough to avoid common mistakes:

• radiator hanging at a height of less than 7 cm from the floor, you will make it difficult to clean underneath it and impair heat transfer.
• radiator hanging at a height of 15 cm, you'll feel the temperature drop, as the heat sink provides cold air intake from the bottom point.
• Set the heat sink against a wall (2cm closer), you will be degrading the heat transfer device.
• Set the heater too close to the window sill (if the backlash is less than 75% of depth), you will feel the reduction of heat flow.

In addition, decorative screens and curtains have a negative impact on heat transfer and decreasing the work of thermostatic heads.

Do not forget that the installation of radiators should be performed only by experienced professionals. Prerequisite for implementing this type of work is the availability of professional tools.

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