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How to lay linoleum
Today, most durable and easy installation is linoleum. We will try to answer all the questions, and most importantly set: how to lay linoleum right! Before you start laying the floor covering, it should be kept in a warm temperature mode and expanded form for some time, then you can start cutting the material.

Remember that linoleum has the ability to shrink, this with cutting pieces, you should leave a small margin: to 6m - 2cm, 10m - 3-4cm from 10m - 5cm. Linoleum on the trail surface, which should first be cleaned and dried. With its installation using nails or paste specifically designed for laying linoleum.

It should be noted that the linoleum, which has a decorative pattern to be installed along the window opening with a combination of elements of the pattern. Linoleum or marble monochromatic color scheme - are placed perpendicular to the window opening, in this case visually masked by unwanted seams pieces.

When the room has no clear contours in the repair of floors in an apartment house and laying linoleum should be done only on a dry surface. You will need a ruler and square, with their markings will be carried out, the extra parts cut off with a knife.

How to lay linoleum and damage the edges when pruning?

Should use a cardboard template confusable to help you correctly and accurately cut the desired edge. Do not recommend at once to get rid of the remnants of the floor covering, they you may need for repairs in the future.

Linoleum should be laid dry

Often the floor is used as a band - the tracks in the hallways of buildings. Before laying it to get rid of existing irregularities, thoroughly clean the surface and then roll out roll. If you have a local plank floor, the extreme part of the linoleum should be fixed with nails. As a rule, determine the distance to 5 cm apart.

Note that when fixing the joints linoleum also use metal plates, which is better to plant on the basis of the adhesive. This will prevent moisture under the flooring. They can also be nailed small nails. It should be remembered that this material is placed under the plinth, so initially to lay linoleum, and then nail the baseboard.

How to lay linoleum in the mastic

Depending on the quality of linoleum to find the proper paste. For example, for oil-chalk putty - suitable drying oil. In the case of bitumen mastic primer is made of mastic, first stir it with gasoline. As a rule, use the following proportions: 2-3 parts gasoline to 1 part mastic.

As for the primer to the surface - use a roller or brush and apply evenly. After the primer has dried mixture, you can start laying linoleum. To do this, apply a layer of mastic to 5mm, lay flooring and thoroughly smooth. If you smoothing on the surface may form a bubble of air. In order to avoid further swelling should pierce the bubble with an awl, and the crack gently smooth your iron.

Some of the problems that arise when installing linoleum

Virtually everyone who encountered the work of laying linoleum, trying to avoid further situations with undesirable defects. If your ready you find yourself covering blisters, swelling, come off of - it's a marriage made in the process. How to lay linoleum, and avoid the formation of defects? This can happen in the event of poor sub-floor preparation prior to installation, the application of mastic, the expiry date which has expired, poor smoothing blade after the label.

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