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How to pack a warm floor
How to pack a warm floor on your own - a question that occurs more often in everyday life. It was believed that such a floor heating system is expensive, but today, a warm floor is accessible to almost everyone. Some decide to laying a floor on their own and not in vain, we need only consider some of the nuances of installation and to perform them well.

Classification of warm floors

There are two types of underfloor heating: water and electric. In principle, both types have the same system: the installation is made on the heat-insulating material, then filled and covered with cement screed flooring.

Warm floor, which is based on a system of circulating hot water, appears more economical option for the electrical analogue. As a conduit for the water use of metal pipes in which water is pumped from the pump reservoir. Using a Radiant Floor Heating, you can save up to 60% of energy, besides, you can lay it on the cover of any type. However, for the water pump needs sex, through which water is pumped into the pipes. Please note that when installing underfloor heating in apartment buildings can disrupt feeding the central heating system.

How to put an electric floor heating

For the installation of this type of flooring floor making repairs in the apartment and the house does not need to use additional equipment, with built-in temperature control temperature in the room can be adjusted, which, of course, is cost-effective solution from an economic point of view. Still, water heated floors today are more profitable because of the savings on electricity costs. In addition, when temperature differences, using an electric floor heating, floor coverings can easily succumb to the strain that is highly undesirable.

Self-assembly of water sexes

Before laying the floor heating must be removed the old flooring and clean floor of debris. After that, it should smooth the surface by running a thin layer of concrete screed and you can start laying the insulation, as which can be used penofol. This material consists of a self-adhesive film-coated foil. Penofol placed so that the foil on top, and the joints are taped.

To achieve the effect of uniform heat transfer, plastic tube is placed in a 30-40cm apart, after having laid the foundation reinforcing grid cells of 1.5 cm

How to put Radiant floor and make correct calculations? When calculating the required number of tubes should be aware that on 1 sq. km. m goes to 6-7 p / m tube. Also, the length of one revolution of the tube can not be more than 100m, generally take the distance from input to output. Methods of composition pipe laying quite different: the snake - a parallel installation and double snake - meander, spiral and spiral off centered.

Usually, input and output pipes to reduce the collector cabinet, which can be located either directly on the wall, and the deepening of the niche. Experts advise to remove the collector cabinet vents through which they regulate temperature or complete prevention of access of water. It should be noted that in some cases, the collector cabinet installed heat sensors to help man in the street can watch the temperature drop.

The installation process is completed, we begin to pressure test the system, then, cement floors and put them on a floor covering. It should be noted that in addition to cementing a grazing system and installation - floor over the pipes covered with polystyrene foam or wood. Of course, installing such a system would cost far more, but its advantage is fast enough when necessary, repair or dismantle the system and turns a light floor.

How to put on their own electric underfloor heating

Surface preparation is similar to the laying of a water system, sex with the only difference is that the reinforcing mesh should be finer. The cable is placed at a distance of 20-25cm, fixed mounting tape. Not allowed bend or damage the cable, which can lead to the closure of the network and the failure of the entire heating system. As a rule, on 1 sq. km. m area using cable, a power of 100-120 kW.

Temperature sensor is placed in a separate tube, which gives free access to his replacement, while it remains under the cover of the screed. You can then pour cement screed floors, the height of which must be at least 3-4cm. Note that the screed floor heating requires special attention. The fact that the void created by poor-quality fill, will damage the cable or overload.

Some aspects of operation and features underfloor heating

Warm floors are laid in the ground, which in consequence will not be furniture. Since the application of a heating system pursue economic goals, initially to calculate the approximate situation in the room. By the way, each room requires a separate installation of the sexes, independent of each other.

Please note that lay flooring after installation of the system and fills her screed, can only be a week later. Also, remember that such a covering on the floor like parquet simply incompatible with underfloor heating, as the average temperature, which can withstand the coating, reverse polish - 21 ° C. As for the coating of another type - the maximum temperature rise to 27 ° C.

Free use of the floor will be 3-4 weeks, when the cement covering completely dry. The fact that the raw screed, in the case of electric underfloor heating systems usually leads to short-circuit. Also, the early commissioning leads to premature drying of the screed, which entails the formation of cracks and voids. We hope that by reading this article, you'll know exactly how to lay any floor heating system. By the way, the room temperature can change by no more than 5 ° C per day.

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