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How to pull out the old wallpaper
Finally, you decided to change the old to the new wallpaper, just run into a problem - how to tear off the old wallpaper? Yes, this is not an easy one, but do not despair!

To do this you need a container of warm water and a soft sponge, with which you apply water to the surface of old wallpaper. You can also use a roller with a long handle with which you can get the highest point of the wall.

It is worth noting that before wetting wallpaper for maximum effect, the surface is recommended to go roller, equipped with nails. This will allow warm water to penetrate deeper into a wallpaper. At the end of 15.12 min after application to the wall with wallpaper water, you can begin to remove them, which is possible with a spatula.

In that case, if the warm water did not produce the desired effect, there is a special fluid for easy removal of old wallpaper off the wall. Now you know how to tear off the old wallpaper with a minimum of physical and financial cost!

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