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How to save water
How much can you save money by installing water meters calculation. I decided to write another article to complement the first. Only this time, we will save is to set counters calculate the hot and cold water. In Europe, people have long been accustomed to conserve water. And the money from the water savings they get up to second place, and in the first place they care about the environment. Vit to water got into our house with its rock reservoirs for the consumed electric power, mining which has its own factors of environmental pollution. To have flowed from the tap hot water, at the beginning it must be heated to burn this fuel, mining and the use of which, again, harmed nature. One person can save an average of two cubic meters of water per month, following a few simple rules and not saving for their comfort. And if all that will do, imagine how we can help the environment, and money for a year will save a decent amount.

Let's start with the plumbing fixtures that take place, you guessed it taps or toilet cistern. For a year or two they dripped so much that by transferring these to drop the cash equivalent will be enough for a new faucet or toilet cistern. As for mixers is better to set the single-lever mixers or non-contact, so as to setting pressure takes less time, respectively, and water leaked less. Tanks for toilets is better to buy a dual flush button (a button all the water drained from the tank only half of the second).

When you turn on the mixer, use a water pressure, which you really need and turn off at a time when water is not used. During the shower water is consumed less than taking a bath. Leica shower can use cost-effective with small holes for water.

If you use a dishwasher and washing machine before use is recommended to download them completely. Also, to make better use of dishwashing sink with two bowls. In a bowl with a closed drain hole is filled in with the dirty dishes with water in the second clean and rinsed under a weak stream.

Mathematician to be no need to imagine how much water and money you save by following these simple rules. That only is a tank with dual flush button and configure the necessary water pressure.

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