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Install whirlpool bath
Install whirlpool bath involves intervention specialist, as an independent installation and commissioning of the device may lead to unwanted and unnecessary expense. In the model homes, as a rule, repair work to replace the plumbing are not held frequently, so before installing the tub with hydromassage better to upgrade water and sewer pipes.

Prepare a place in the spa

You start with a waterproof floor, you'll need to match the dimensions of existing bathroom and space for its correct installation. It is worth paying attention to the plumbing pipes so that hot and cold water does not rest against the bathroom - namely, in the ribs, units, vertical racks. Remember, the spa requires a strictly horizontal, that allows you to properly distribute the weight of water when taking water treatment.

In addition, it is worth thinking about proper sanitation sink drain pipe as can be elevated above the floor level of only 4 cm in the absence of such features, the installation of the spa requires a podium.

Put in the bath level is possible with built-in feet, however, experts recommend installing additional supports to the existing legs, which will hold securely technically complicated construction.
It is worth noting that, along with whirlpool baths are today quite popular whirlpool spa pools, which also require care and experience in installation and connection.

With regard to electrical wiring, there must be approached with caution. The fact that these devices consume a sufficient amount of energy. When installing electrical wiring insulation must be at altitude, open areas are available - are prohibited. In addition, you should use a dedicated three-wire cable and a grounded outlet to be located above 25 cm above the floor. It should be noted, the device RCD (safety shutdown of electricity) is required when installing the spa.

The device bath with hydromassage

- Selected the location of the bathroom must be provided free access to all components and assemblies, which will make the change without delay in case of failure of any of the devices;
- Expose the bath level and the desired height using the adjustable legs;
- To make mounting the bath and sewer system through water seal, which is included in the hot tub unit;
- Mount faucet with running water system - connect power supply all the equipment;
- Fill the bathtub with water and test it for leaks and proper operation of all components and assemblies;
- The space between the wall and the bathroom should be treated with silicone in that tub must be filled.

Implement all the recommendations and to avoid mistakes - quite complicated, so it is better to resort to professional help. It is worth remembering that the setting of the spa, performed by professional artists, usually under warranty. With self improper installation - a guarantee you will be denied.

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