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Installation of outdoor sanitation to the country house
Private sewage or country house should run smoothly to ensure the comfort in the removal and recycling of household waste is not worse than in apartment buildings. That is why now many owners of these houses are choosing the best treatment plant of the options - the deep biological treatment plant. This structure provides a high degree of processing waste is not hazardous to the environment, it is convenient to use. Below we consider the particular construction of sewerage system in a private home with the station as a bioremediation treatment facility.

Erection of a better place to start when the house is not built. Then you can lay in place the project under the wastewater treatment plant, sewer pipeline route, the location of the receivers of domestic waste water (toilets, sinks, bathtubs). And you will know the approximate cost of the system and be able to calculate the necessary costs.

If the device is in a private house sewer is missing, and you want to build from scratch, you have to spend a little more, as will lay the pipe in the existing foundation and under the existing building. After compiling the project once again entered the sewerage system and harmonize it with the necessary services you can start to work. Necessary to consider some of the subtleties. Thus, the pipe drains to the point of reception WWTP must run under the bias (about 2 cm to 1 meter). This should be done in order to merge into their own sewage treatment plant. It is also desirable that the conduit was directly without any twists and turns.

To install a biological treatment plant, dig a trench sufficiently, which would be 30 cm higher than its size. Depth should be such that the station rose above the ground for about 15 to 20 cm and the pit will not have to somehow produce, is enough to just let go of the station. Easy installation - a plus of this treatment plant. For example, septic tanks for a country house set in a large pit in which to make further cement "shirt".

When the station is installed, it summed up the pipe system battery drainage. In case the installation is required hole diameter tube inserted into it, and then the resulting seam is sealed with polypropylene. The station supplied power cord to power the compressor.

After completion of these works, biological treatment station filled with water by two thirds, and evenly covered with earth pit. This procedure equalizes the pressure on the walls of the station and not allow them to deform. As only the ground completely fill the trench, we can assume that the installation of sewerage system is completed. You will only include the installation and enjoy the comfort of using the system battery drain, which in no way will give urban performance.

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