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Is it better to shower or bath?
Regardless of the situation, whether it's renovating a bathroom and toilet, or moving, or maybe just a desire to install shower in the bathroom. Here and there this insidious question: What should I buy shower or bath? It all depends on you dear reader, that you will be more suitable, only you know. For example, if you take a shower more often than a bath, naturally have to buy shower, and if there are small children in the family, it is best to bath. That fall, to me personally that choice, I would not hesitate to planning the bathroom under the shower, since I use only a shower. What would dispel his thoughts about the choice, let's talk about showers.

One of the most important benefits of a shower, is its compactness. Most apartments have a small area of ​​the bathroom (see interior design small bathroom). Shower takes twice less space than a bathtub. And this must be taken into account, as in many apartments often do not have enough free space.

Also, there is an opinion: that taking a shower, water is used much less about bathing. That's good, because the issue of water saving in our time is relevant. But this opinion is about the flow of water is very controversial, for example, I take a shower in the middle 15 minutes, I think, for this time got quite a full bath, and then two. There are many factors influencing the flow of water from the head and ending with a view to taking a shower (just rinse or wash).

That set the shower not everyone can, because they do not always have on hand the necessary tools and no experience in such matters. Also, a lot depends on how many functional cabin. Simple enough to connect to the water supply and sanitation, but the complex with hydro-massage shower boxes, telephone, etc. still have to connect to the power and telephone lines. If the sewer drain located above the shower, you have to install a cabin on a special tray, a firm engaged in the installation are made of, as they have for sale. Before you buy look at the price of installation. If you're going to hire a plumber to connect the shower, do not forget to enter into a contract with him.

This paragraph I shone the functionality of showers. Modern cabins crammed with various electronics, ranging from radio and ending with the other functions that are needed not for everyone. Among the features can be noted such as Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and various elements of the therapy. By this I mean that in choosing shower, is necessary to consider its functionality, vit, not all the features you need, but the money to be able to save a tighter installation.

But no matter what you choose - a bath or shower, I recommend you products company teuco. Company teuco dignified manner competes with the world's leading brands. In its product range you will find both baths and showers.

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