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Plasterboard wall alignment
The surface of the walls can not always distinguish a perfect evenness. So often resort to the process of aligning the walls of plasterboard, which is divided into a frame and frameless. Frameless mounting method is that the plasterboard glue directly to the wall using a special adhesive technique involves the construction of smesi.Karkasny framework, which will subsequently be installed drywall.

Mounting frame

The framework under drywall can be made of wood or with metal sections. Note that the wooden structure is more complex in the assembly, moreover, it is prone to deformation, which occurs as a result of ill-dried wood, which will lead to cracks on the surface. When the repair is performed independently, to make better use of metal frame profile.

Also, the profile is not influenced in moisture, so it can be used as a framework in any room. Basic Profile, which will be used in the installation - Rack and directing. To perform the alignment of the walls of the guide profile, you must use square and level, which are much simplify the assembly process.

The alignment of the walls are beginning to install gipsovartonom guide profiles - using level set parallel to each other on the ceiling and floor. After that they put in rack profile at 40-60cm. Remember that the width of the plasterboard is 120cm, so the joints of two pieces should match the middle of the profile.

Technology sheetrock installation

After completion of the assembly frame can begin installation of drywall. When installing the drywall sheets use screws made of oxidized metal black, with a size of 3.5 * 3.5 * 25 or 32cm. If you secure a standard sheet having a size of 1.2 x 2.5 meters, you will need about 100 screws. Keep in mind that in the immediate twist is not too much to screw press, it would lead to him falling through a base of gypsum. Therefore, making a pull-up, expect pressure on the screw.

Caulking plasterboard surfaces

The final stage of alignment of the walls serves putty prepared surface. Originally need to putty the joints, where there are screws, and then - to glue the seams mounting grid. Allow surface to dry and then proceed to the entire surface of the putty. The alignment of the walls is plasterboard in carrying the wall surface to the ideal of flatness. That is why the filler is used for finishing work, composed of large particles are not included - this will result in a wall painting of the future.

Note that the entire surface of the filler to be primed, which in addition to adhesive properties as a defender in the fight against mold, fungus and high humidity. The process of plastering the walls is fairly easy, since the surface of the plasterboard rather smooth. By the way, if you intend to Drywall oblitsevat tiles, the surface without the need for putty.

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