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Repair of apartments - Floor Screed
Repair of apartments - floor screed is part of the floor, which will subsequently be laid flooring. That's how quality will be carried out covering, depends on the choice of the coating. Typically, a coupler is divided into: a monolithic, which is filled with plaster, cement-sand mixture or Self Leveling plate and construction - prefabricated screed.

Floor preparation screed to

Often, the repair specialists and floor apartment in a house resorted to the use of cement-sand screed, a combination of the ratio of 1: 3. Just today, there are many dry mixes - costs them a bit diluted with water, they are ready for use. It should be noted that in areas with high concentrations of moisture application team or gypsum screeds impossible.

After that, it is necessary to determine the zero level, which is calculated using the water level. As a rule, experts recommend to beat the level once in all the areas designated under the screed - at a height of 1.5 m from the floor. This is done by placing first mark in any of the premises, and then mark the level on the walls of all rooms, using water level. Then, connect all the marks line, which acts as a single zero for all rooms.

Repair of apartments - floor screed provides a thorough training process that ensures a positive outcome of the further operation of the floor covering. Now should they sounded the distance to the floor, which were obtained after a mark of zero. Consequently, in the place where the distance is the smallest floor height is maximum. It should be remembered that the thickness of the screed, which is poured on the floor, must be less than 30mm, except serve and self-leveling rovniteli mixture.

At the end of the preparatory process, should be prepared under the fill, the existing subfloor. This is done by removing the old cover and thoroughly clean the base of the dirt and dust. After that, the foundation must be covered with primer, which will protect the floor from moisture, humidity, fungus.

Buckle your hands

Before pouring screed base should be examined - if you find cracks in the floor or through-holes, they need to fill Butz (non-shrink cement) and then at the height of 15cm from the floor on the wall is laid asphalt ribbon. This is performed in order to prevent leakage of cement.

Then you need to put beacons - T-shaped metal guides that sit on a solution. Professionals who do screed floor - are advised to spread the solution in small portions. When installing the first guide should note the distance from the wall of 20cm, and then, fasten the other lighthouses in parallel with a 30-40cm. Remember that the length of the rule must be greater than the distance between beacons. Now we need to align the process of lighthouses, which operates a special level. Must not only align along the lighthouse, but also relative to each other. After the zero level has been reached in all positions, wait until solidification of the solution.

Next on the screed is a process of filling solution. This happens as follows: from the far side of the room fill with prepared solution to the space between the first two lighthouses and align the rule - is contractible in itself. Continue the process until a complete fill floors in all rooms.

The process of screed over, but the floors after that require attention and proper care. It is known that the cement coating is gaining maximum strength after only 24-28 days after pouring. In order to not to buckle your cracks - early drying cement, it should be watered about two or three times a day for two weeks. Incidentally, the tie can be covered with polyethylene, which will reduce the amount of moisture. Repair of apartments - screed floor will be completely ready until a month later, though allowed to walk on it a week later.

Ties need to check the quality of

Initial assessment can be carried out visually, as a rule, screed has a uniform gray color. Next, check for surface smoothness with a long rule - often use the rule 2m. There are generally accepted standards of gaps, which are permitted under screed - up to 4 mm.

The next way to test the readiness of coverage stands firm ties, which is determined by a hammer blow just on a tangent. In this screed must not break away, possible cracking. Perform repair of apartments - screed floor independently, following the above instructions. In this case, you pass a lot of mistakes, as well as save, money and time.

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