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Restoration of enamel bath
Restoration of enamel bathtubs - low-cost update of the old baths. Why let's look at an example - say you are quite satisfied with renovation of your bathroom, but the trouble is the enamel in all baths Easterly, rusted and in general she looks not very nice. Can you imagine how much effort, time, resources should be spent on it to remove the old tub and install a new one, do not forget about a lot of nuances that can arise between these actions. And you just wanted to cover was white as a new bath. And indeed any action, whether it's renovating a bathroom and a toilet or something else associated with the replacement of old cast iron tub on a new one will be much easier and wiser to upgrade the enamel, but not the whole bath.

Why is easier and wiser to explain. Restoration of the bath will save you a lot of time and money, as will free you from shopping and plumbing of the problems associated with dismantling and installation of bathroom. The recovery process of enamel takes up to 4 hours, whether it be painting or the installation of acrylic bathtub liner (on how restorative bath below), an updated bathroom, you can enjoy a day later. Firms engaged in restorative bath argue that the entire upgrade process will save you half the budget allocated for the purchase of a new bath and dyeing baths and even more so because it is the cheapest way to upgrade the enamel.

Now, as promised, let's look at how restorative bath. The first of these is a painting of the bath, why the first? because it is the oldest way of updating the enamel, is also used to shower trays and sinks (metal of course). Is about filling the bath and the installation of acrylic insert the cheapest way to restorative bath. The price for painting the bathroom of 2 million rubles, which is 2 times cheaper than other methods.

Acrylic liner - a kind of bathtub, only to frame it is your cast iron or metal tub, the liner is glued to it on a special two-part foam, within days it hardens, and the liner with a bath are inseparable. The price for the installation of acrylic liner is around 4,500 rubles.

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