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The interior ceiling of plasterboard
At all times, architects and designers have paid more attention designs and murals on the ceilings. In the old ceiling decorated with gold leaf, ceiling paintings, stucco work, which are now no longer touch the hearts of many. Only in the modern world, the interior ceiling of plasterboard provide: multi-level design, varied lighting, highlighting areas with the lines on the ceiling - just a few moments that are able to breathe in the interior of your home mystique, and make a spark to admire.

Thanks to modern technology ceiling is transformed from a classical light-colored ceiling into a masterpiece of art! It should be noted that it is using this building material master will be able to correct all the errors available on the ceiling, cracks, drops - that will give the ceiling perfectly smooth surface, resistant to mechanical stress.

Before starting work, you should familiarize yourself with some recommendations on the proper installation of drywall.

Initially, when you are preparing lists only to work, remember that drywall can be stored vertically. The fact that this storage can lead to deformation of the material - the best option would be to put them on the floor at each other. When choosing a drywall ceiling to give preference to water-resistant material, because once you mount design, it is necessary to process a primer mixture to a series of procedures that require high tolerance to moisture, and it will lead to deformation of the sheet.

If you create an interior ceiling of plasterboard, which will include a lot of levels, arches, curves have to use regular drywall ceiling, since it is more hardy to the different bendings. After that, calculate the load weight of the ceiling, it should not exceed 14 kg / sq.m.

Before you begin installation, determine the zero level. If you have, for example, monolithic flat roof - Fix the profile frame and mount the drywall in a checkerboard pattern, which will protect the structure from unwanted cracks. Then you need to treat the joints of sheets that fill the filler, which has increased property bond. Her glue mounting grid, primed surface and shpaklyuyut. After the installation process is complete and putty, paint the ceiling of water-emulsion paint - you will not have problems with cracks.

With the help of suspended gypsum ceiling space can be divided into zones, mounted in a small light. It should be noted that the use of plasterboard to ceilings and you practically save their height. In addition, this material has an amazing absorptive quality: the lack of moisture in the room, he gives her, and when moisture - absorbing, with absolutely no exposed strains.

The interior ceilings of plasterboard will give the room a symbolic significance that may have the effect of genuine admiration and astonishment. Let your house and every day brings joy and aesthetic pleasure to you and all who are you to glance at the light.

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