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What pipes used for heating
Reflecting on the question of how to use pipes for heating, do not forget that the pipes are "blood vessels" heating system. On the choice and installation of pipes should be approached with the necessary responsibility.
Range of pipes, represented by numerous manufacturers, is huge. The most common are the following options:

• Copper
• Polymer (plastic, metal, aluminum reinforced polypropylene)

Copper pipes

By most accounts, the copper pipe is the leader in durability and suitability for repair and reliability of connections. In addition, the copper pipe has a very low internal resistance. If we compare with a steel pipe, copper pipe resistance is 40 times smaller. This allows the copper pipe is very thin. The disadvantage of copper pipe is a relatively high cost. The cost of copper wiring in two and a half times the cost of wiring the heating of polypropylene.

The advantage of copper tubing is also possible to hide them in the walls of the house, followed by incorporation. For the installation of copper pipes used method of brazing with silver-solder. According to experts, the copper pipe is the only way to get a reliable system that can last for several decades.

Polymer tube

When working with PP uses a special device that can heat up to its melting temperature. Fitting firmly welded to the tube, forming a highly reliable connection - if you cut the connection, the weld will not be visible. However, according to some criteria polypropylene still loses copper. Firstly, polypropylene pipes and fittings are of greater thickness. Second, they are more prone to thermal deformation and aging under high temperatures. Over time, polypropylene tubes are fragile, the life of polypropylene piping in the range of 15-30 years.

Pipe cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) differs only way to connect and more flexibility. These tubes can be expanded using a special apparatus and insert them into the fitting. After extraction, the device compresses the tube securely fitting. The disadvantages of cross-linked polyethylene pipes are highly flexible and relatively short life when exposed to high temperatures. In addition, the wiring has to hide in the walls, so the outer tube is wired so unaesthetic.

Metal pipes

This tube resembles a layer cake. The inner layer is made of crosslinked polypropylene, followed by a layer of glue, etc. - a layer of aluminum over a layer of glue and an outer layer made, usually made of polyethylene. On all layers, without exception, is superimposed on top of the brass fitting.

Metal pipes have several advantages:

• Kislorodonepronitsaemost, can slow the processes of corrosion and wear of the heating system.
• Low coefficient of linear expansion, eliminates the need for additional expansion joints in the assembly lines.
• High strength.
• antistatic
• Resistant to corrosion, as well as the deposition of sediment on the inner surface.
• Low hydraulic resistance.

Installation of plastic pipes made of threaded connections, or pressing and requires no welding. Due to these features reduces the cost of construction works, and the heating system acquires the status of environmentally safe.
So, all of the above will make the right choice and decide which pipes should be used for heating in a given case.

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